Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Down, Seven To Go

Taking a break in Swift Current at a McDonalds because they have WiFi and I am thinking I am the only person in this place under the age of 70...Not sure if its a Swift Current phenomenon or a morning McDonalds thing.

Brooks to Medicine Hat - 105 kms

So I got up in stinky Brooks and packed my things and hit the road. Brooks is stinky because there is a meat packing plant just outside of town and the wind was not in the town's favor that morning. I was to meet up with Peter Mueller (Thomas's Grandfather) and Cory (Thomas's Uncle) at about the 65 k mark of my ride. Every time I meet up with someone in full road gear I feel like an old school WWII bomber flying with Spitfire escorts.  My bike is a big lumbering mass of gear and I am pumped to get back home and jump on my 16 lbs road bike.  It was awesome to meet both Peter and Cory and have them for company on the ride into Medicine Hat.  I was staying at the Mueller's that night so I followed Peter into town and when we got to his house Pat (Thomas's Grandmother) met us with smoothies.  It was an AWESOME way to end a ride. Feeding me seemed to be a theme of the afternoon and evening as I practically ate them out of house and home.  I don't think can thank them enough for hosting me and filling my tank.  Good people through and through.  I hope that I will be able to see them again soon and hopefully go for a solid ride with Peter some day (and eat more of Pat's cookies). Thanks again! You two rule!!!

Here is what I learned that day:

- The Mueller clan is awesome!
- Brett's 89 Toyota is still alive
- Pat's cookies are slightly addictive
- Every time I chase a gopher off the road I feel like a hero.  If I see 2 gophers every 5 km (modest estimate as there are tons of them) then I will have saved 532 gophers from Calgary to Winnipeg.

Medicine Hat to Gull Lake - 175 kms

So for the most part the ride to Gull Lake was uneventful.  There was a stiff tail wind in the morning and by afternoon the wind had died down and I was left to grind the last 75 k on my own.  the skies were cloudy all day but the rain held off.  I rolled across the Saskatchewan border and was immediate confronted with a climb.  Not the longest or hardest climb in the world but it was significant none the less.  Saskatchewan is surprisingly hilly with short rolling climbs. It was another day of not seeing any cyclists but I did give a hitch hiker a high five and said that I would see him in Regina.

With about 25 kms to go I was surrounded by thunder storms which could clearly be seen on the Saskatchewan skyline.  I was able to stay dry till I stet up my tent when the skies opened up and it rained from about 4:30 to about 9:30 pm.  It was pouring so hard that the street in front of the camp ground flooded and I was worried the camp would too...All in all I am damp but not too bad considering how hard it rained.

Here is what I learned yesterday:

- Cows have a tendency to stare into your soul as you ride by.  It's creepy.
- You might think its a good idea to sing at the top of your lungs on the bald prairie but you will get caught and it will be embarrassing.
- Mos Def is mosly angry
- Beastie Boys will get your legs moving
- I saw a gopher eating another gopher which can only mean one thing.  Zombie Gophers!!!  If the zombie apocalypse happens then it started with gophers in Saskatchewan.

Beard report:

- Sparse with a chance of itchy

Well I still have about 90 k to go today.  Thanks for reading.

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