Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stuck in Canmore

So today I got up to this (see below) in Canmore.  Yup...It is puking snow here and the ground is totally covered.  Not really safe to ride so I am taking another forced rest day.

First week and I am already behind two days.  But I have an awesome host in Julia and Mike so if I am going to be stuck anywhere this is the place.  Much better than being in my tent. Should be able to get to Calgary tomorrow with fresh legs and then on to the warm prairies!  

Thought I would take this time to thank everyone who have donated  to Peloton65 so far! I can't tell you how much it means.  I think I will also need support in one more venture on this trip, my attempt to grow a beard. I like to think of myself as genetically advanced as humans are slowly moving away from hair, I am just ahead of the curve.  So what I have grown on my face in 9 days of not shaving is rather weak.  Not only is it sad but holy crap is it itchy!  What I need from you guys is two things.  If you see me please don't can laugh behind my back, I don't mind.  The second thing I need is words of encouragement to keep me from shaving.  I want to go the full month and a half.

Well I am off to take a nap and then work on my bike.  Have a fun snow day everyone.


  1. sounds like you have a lot on your list that's better than shaving. keep up the good work, beardo! made a really dense banana bread and was thinking of you. put extra nuts in it. carbs carbs.

    when do you start riding downhill?

    right on. keep on keepin' on.

    1. Basically from here to Winnipeg I lose a meter per kilometer. So it's downhill for 1330 kms. Tomorrow I shall eat some banana bread.

    2. place to crash (a metaphor!) and deluxe vegetarian dinner awaits you (not a metaphor!) if you like whenever you get to thunder bay. also you'll be allowed to shower, but only if you don't shave. freezing some of the banana bread in a ziploc with your name on it.

    3. I think I will be good for a place to stay there but I would be up for meeting at a pub or something...I will keep you informed as I get closer. Thanks though!