Monday, July 2, 2012

Horse Poop and Watermelons

Sault Ste Marie to Blind River - 144 km

Canada Day!  My original plan was to be in Ottawa for Canada Day but because of the time lost in the mountains and taking a couple of days in Winnipeg I am a bit behind...So Blind River it is.  I rolled out of the Sault late with very very tired legs.  The road helped me out with being flat and there was a light tail wind. For the most part the road was uneventful. The highway was also quite being Sunday so even though there is barely any shoulder most of the time, the ride was easy and peaceful.

There was some new stuff to check out.  There was this new sign which was a horse and buggy.  This pumped me up a bit and I was hoping to see some Amish but alas nothing to report.  The foliage had change a bit as well and the weather continued to be stellar.  Stopped and had some lunch at Bruce Mines and then rolled into Blind River. Being Sunday there was nothing open so I tried to stay up to watch some fireworks but fell asleep with the sounds of small explosions in the back ground.

What I learned yesterday:
- When you see a sign of a horse and buggy it means you will be dodging horse poop for about 15 km. You will not see a horse and buggy...just poop.
- I have basically worn through my rear tire but I have not been able to find a bike shop to get a new one.
- The Tim Horton's penetration in this area is astronomical.

Blind River to Sudbury - 169 km

Got up earlier today.  That is what tends to happen when you go to bed at 9:30 pm. I knew it was going to be hot today so I wanted to get as much distance in the cool of the morning as possible.  Got some bagels and I was off.  The morning was still and I made some good time but around 11 am all the long weekend traffic started and the road got very very sketchy.  I spend the entire ride in white knuckle mode and living off adrenalin.  The traffic was none stop and the shoulder on highway 17 is poop. Majority of the cars gave me room though and everything was ok at the end of the day. Tomorrow should be better as the traffic should calm down.  The heat however today was bad ass.  I drank so much and never felt hydrated.  This made me a bit low energy but I made it though the day.

Sudbury greats you with giant factories and nickle mines.  Not the most pretty town I have been to and not very cycle friendly either.  The roads are rough and I tried to get outside of town but the highway does not allow bikes.  I don't think I will be coming back to this town and I apologies to anyone reading this from here but this is the first place on my trip that I felt nervous riding though.  Cars did not seem to care here.

I was looking at taking highway 69 though Muskoka.  The southern route under Algonquin Park adds 150 km or about a day but it should be more calm and I was hoping to meet up with my friend Sam for a ride. Timing didn't work out though so right now I am leaning to staying on 17 because I am pumped to get to Ottawa and Montreal. I will do some more research tonight and let you know.

Today I learned:
- I don't preform well in the heat.
- There are more Harley Davidsons here than cars
- That I can eat two whole watermelons in a day

Hirotaka update:
Remember that Japanese dude who is walking to Toronto from Vancouver.  My parents saw him just outside of Kenora, Ontario a couple of days ago.  He is moving at about 50 k a day so should be Just past Dryden by now....holy crap.

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