Friday, July 13, 2012

Cemeteries And Cars

Fredericton to Moncton - 180 km

It was hot today.  So hot I can't touch myself....HOT! Burning my flesh....HOT! (that first line works best if you read it with James Brown's voice.  I was hot today similar to yesterday but there wind was still so I made good fast kms.  I got a late start because I had to get my rear brake fixed.  I lost a brake pad somehow on one of the mega descents yesterday so I figured rear brakes were a necessity.  I didn't get out till 10 am so by that time it was already cooking outside.  Being able to make up ground easily in the calm air felt good though and I rolled along the road in a good mood.

So I have a new hobby. Not really a hobby but more of something to break up the day.  I have been checking out cemeteries.  I really find them fascinating (not in a morbid way or night of the living dead way) especially around here where you find tombstones from the early 1800's.  Its entertaining to think about what life was like back then and what the terrain and landscape was like when they were alive. It makes looking around while riding change your perspective of what you are looking at.  I wonder through them reading all the epitaphs and try to find the oldest one.  So far its been one from 1791 in a little town called Millville.

I rolled most of the morning on the 105 and then jumped on the #2 for the afternoon.  There was a 70 km gap without any services so I had to make sure I had enough water for that stretch.  The road was actually filled with long mellow climbs and equally long lazy descents. Other than that the day was smooth right till the end.  There were thunder storms looming around at the end and with 20 k to go I got a flat.  I thought for sure I would get caught but luckily the storms missed somehow and I was able to finish the day into Moncton dry.  Still have not been rained on since just outside Winnipeg.  I owe Bill Hunt huge for bringing me the good weather.

This weekend is the Atlantic Grand National car competition so there are crazy cars and people everywhere.  I went downtown for a bit to check out the crowds and the cars.  Definitly neat to check out the local culture and some of the vehicles were amazing.  Would have like to see more but I need a nap.  Rocking the McDonalds internet right now and then I am off to bed.  Tomorrow is the last boarder and I am left with only 260 km to go till Halifax.  My parents are flying in to meet me there and  I am so thankful to have someone to share finishing with.

Today I learned:
- Magnetic Hill in Moncton is really trippy....I still don't understand how
- I still like bikes
- Neil Young is the shiznit

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